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Monitor local information

  • Local weather station info
  • Music concerts
  • Local company seminars
  • Open calls...


Track text, number, image

  • Follow funding of a Kickstarter project
  • Track when product is back on stock
  • Monitor snow conditions or sea temperature
  • Watch gold price...


Follow dynamic lists

  • Job search results
  • Real estate market
  • Videos on Youtube
  • Seminar announcements...


Read news

  • Editors choice articles
  • Specific news sections
  • Press releases
  • RSS & Atom feeds...

Choose the content that matters to you

Unlike feed readers and other dashboards which rely on prepared gadgets and feeds, we allow you to choose the content from almost anywhere on the web.

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Before I started using Sniptracker I haven't checked some pages so often, because I needed to open 10 different web pages. Now I leave my dashboard open and I can check it anytime I want.

Sara Naraglav

Interesting product, I quite like the way that you can fetch screenshots of certain areas of websites.

Hacker news member

I find Sniptracker perfect for aggregating content from certain types of websites while for some others I still prefer to use the original website, mainly out of habit.

Jure Jelercic