Our vision

We live in the age where the information is pouring at us but we still overlook some of it. Sniptracker wants to solve this by bringing the information together, filtering it and improving its usability.

Clean and adjustable dashboard

We have tried to keep the dashboard as clean as possible and without adverts. This way you can get the most out of it.

3 ways of adding the content


Intelligent content extraction.

Smartsnip extracts the information from the web page and allows its customization. Because the styling and layout are provided by Sniptracker the content looks similar no matter where it comes from. It also scales very well for all device sizes.


Live "screenshot" of a part of a webpage.

For complex content this produces a snapshot of a given part of a page with styling and layout. It preserves the way the content looks like very well. The drawbacks are that it does not scale too well.


Full support for RSS and Atom feeds.

It automatically detects and suggests all feeds found on a webpage. It has similar features, style and layout as Smartsnip.






Save time - get to content faster

Sniptracker loads a lot faster than visiting sites one by one. Besides, it requires almost no clicking, scrolling or searching for desired content.

Be informed - monitor more content

All the information is combined on one or more dashboards. This way you can easily follow more web content than before and it takes a lot less time to do it.

Protect privacy - stop giving away your email

Use snippets and follow the web-page content on Sniptracker instead of giving away your email and subscribing to a ton of emails.

Read smart - take the content you want from where you want it

All information on Sniptracker is relevant because you are in charge of what is relevant and on your dashboard.

All interesting information in one place

You can follow almost any information from the web you want. Sniptracker supports different kinds of extractions to provide you with the best presentation of your content.
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