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Sniptracker story

It all began in the middle of the year 2013 when the founder Mitja Perko, a young programmer, decided to leave his secure and well-paid job as Chief Software Architect to become an Independent Software Developer and work on his own projects. This was a rather difficult decision that required a lot of courage and careful consideration of the costs of the current lifestyle on the one hand and the amount of savings on the other hand. The story of Sniptracker began to shape in the mind of the founder at the beginning of the year 2014 after he seized the given opportunity and took a one-month vacation overseas to free his mind and charge up.

Out of the many ideas scratched on paper this particular idea stood out. It was simple at first but with more research it slowly grew bigger and bigger. Then all the intensive work began with hours, days, weeks, and months of programming, developing algorithms and optimizing the process. Besides the programming, as a young entrepreneur, you also need to deal with legal stuff, marketing and (website) design and therefore everything takes a little bit longer than you have planned.

It was not always easy but it was all worth it when the Sniptracker domain became active in April 2015 and the first beta release of the Sniptracker service took place a month later. Yuppie! Everything looked super and great but after performing some user experience testing it turned out that some bigger improvements were needed. So it was necessary to go back to the drawing board and to do it all over again. In August 2015 a brand new user-friendly Sniptracker was published online.

However, life is not all about work and at the beginning of autumn 2015 the founder got married and decided to take a longer honeymoon trip to South-East Asia. And so we are in the year 2016 when Sniptracker is finally ready to be released into the world.


Press kit includes up to date logos, founder headshots and screenshots of Sniptracker.


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Before I started using Sniptracker I haven't checked some pages so often, because I needed to open 10 different web pages. Now I leave my dashboard open and I can check it anytime I want.

Sara Naraglav

Interesting product, I quite like the way that you can fetch screenshots of certain areas of websites.

Hacker news member

I find Sniptracker perfect for aggregating content from certain types of websites while for some others I still prefer to use the original website, mainly out of habit.

Jure Jelercic

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